Danillo O. Alvarenga

Danillo O. Alvarenga


I am a biologist specialized in microbial ecology and evolution, molecular biology and bioinformatics. My research focuses primarily on exploring the diversity, genomics, transcriptomics, phylogenetics and secondary metabolism of cyanobacteria and other microbes. I am also very interested in bryophyte microbiomes and the role they perform in nitrogen fixation on different ecosystems. My research aims to uncover the intricate molecular interactions between microorganisms, plants and their environments, with the ultimate goal of advancing sustainable applications for the benefit of society, natural ecosystems and the climate.

Primary fields of research

• Molecular ecology, evolution and diversity of cyanobacteria
• Molecular biology of plant-bacteria symbioses and plant microbiomes
• Contributions of biological nitrogen fixation to ecosystem biogeochemistry
• Effects of climate change on polar, boreal, alpine and tropical ecosystems
• Genetic and biochemical characterization of secondary metabolites

Current research

• Transcriptomics and biochemistry of moss-cyanobacteria associations
• Metabarcoding, metagenomics and metatranscriptomics of moss microbiomes
• Impact of climate change on nitrogen fixation in different ecosystems
• Comparative genomics of plant-associated cyanobacteria

ID: 238718450