19 March 2021

Successful symposium on Arctic carbon and nitrogen dynamics - ArCaN-21


On Thursday 18 and Friday 19 March, around 100 participants gathered for a two-day online symposium on Arctic Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics. The symposium, organized by CENPERM, addressed the response of the carbon and nitrogen cycles from different perspectives, ranging from studies on microbial ecology and soil biogeochemistry to plant ecology and ecosystem modelling.

The copenhagen symposium - ArCaN-21

The two days were filled with keynote talks and presentations from the participants, as well as poster sessions with flash-talks, for which online groups were created to discuss the content. The symposium ended with lively discussions on future perspectives for research in different topics.

The program and abstracts from the conference are still available online:


Link: https://medialib.cmcdn.dk/medialibrary/A3D1D49E-E7E1-4632-9C2F-575167DED2CC/645A909D-F47C-EB11-8441-00155D0B0901.pdf


Link: https://medialib.cmcdn.dk/medialibrary/A3D1D49E-E7E1-4632-9C2F-575167DED2CC/7EFD0CAF-6670-EB11-8439-00155D0B0901.pdf

We would like to thank all participants for their contributions and for the good discussions during the symposium!


A glimpse behind the scenes of the symposium “headquarters” at CENPERM’s premises in Copenhagen – symposium organizers

Aya Permin (Photos: Karen Bjerre)
Sarah Kylborg (Photos: Karen Bjerre)
Laura Rasmussen (Photos: Karen Bjerre)
 Anders Priemé (Photos: Karen Bjerre)