3 November 2023

PhD defense Sebastian Zastruzny


On Thursday 26th October, CENPERM has celebrated the PhD defense by Sebastian Zastruzny. His thesis, entitled “Water flow in the active layer - The dynamics of water movement in a changing environment”, investigates how surface alterations and differences in summer temperatures can alter the drainage in the active layer in permafrost-affected landscape.

Sebastian Zastruzny

Using physically based modelling, Sebastian quantified the relation between permafrost degradation, water table fluctuations, and the resulting potential for subsurface discharge and its implications on solute movement in arctic environments.

The models were based on field experiments conducted in Qaanaaq in North Greenland and Disko on West Greenland. Both places soil temperature, soil water content and various other parameters were measured to enable field informed, validated modelling results.

The work concludes that permafrost degradation may alter water flow in the active layer in both positive and negative ways, depending on the soil horizons present, and the conditions of snow at  site.

The work has been part of CENPERM, and Sebastian was supervised by professor Bo Elberling (IGN/KU) and co-supervised by associated professor Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen (DTU).

Congratulations and good luck to Sebastian!