8 June 2018

Samuel Faucherre has defended his PhD thesis

PhD defense

On Friday 8 June, Samuel Faucherre has successfully defended his PhD thesis. In his thesis, entitled “Permafrost carbon turnover across the Arctic – The role of abiotic sediment characteristics”, he has investigated the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from permafrost soils from Northern Sweden, Svalbard and Northern Siberia.

For theses soils, Samuel has determined which soil characteristics are most important for the release of carbon, and he shows that the dry bulk density of the soil is the best explanatory parameter for that. Moreover, he has helped to improve the methodology of sampling from permafrost cores by studying the role that contaminations on the outside of the core have for the mineralization rates that are obtained in the laboratory.

Samuel has pursued his PhD research within CENPERM, with Bo Elberling and Christian Juncher Jørgensen (Aarhus University) as supervisors.

Congratulations, Samuel!