22 February 2022

PhD defense Nanna Schrøder Baggesen

PhD defense

On Friday 18 February, Nanna Schrøder Baggesen has defended her PhD thesis “Bidirectional exchange of biogenic volatile organic compounds between subarctic heath tundra and the atmosphere”. In her research, Nanna has investigated how environmental conditions affect the fluxes of biogenic volatiles from a heath ecosystem in Abisko, Sweden.

PhD defense Nanna Schrøder Baggesen

She has done this by studying field plots that were exposed to treatments (warming and litter addition). Moreover, Nanna has done a laboratory study with mesocosms originating from Abisko, where the ecosystems were exposed to treatments (amongst others warming, cooling and flooding) under more controlled conditions in the lab.

Nanna concludes that phenological changes of the ecosystem, in particular the onset of the autumn, play an important role in the seasonal dynamics of the emissions of biogenic volatiles, and that future changes to the phenology will affect emissions. Moreover, temperatures and transient flooding had strong impacts on the emissions.

Nanna has done her PhD research as a part of CENPERM under supervision of Riikka Rinnan and Thomas Holst (Lund University).

Congratulations with this great achievement!