3 January 2019

PhD defense Mojtaba Karami

PhD defence

On Tuesday 18 December, Mojtaba Karami has successfully defended his PhD thesis “Tundra viewed from above – Spatiotemporal patterns of tundra vegetation and its response to climate in Greenland”.

For his PhD thesis, Mojtaba has applied several remote sensing data sets to investigate vegetation classes, surface temperature trends and vegetation seasonality for the entire non-ice covered part of Greenland.

From his studies, he concludes that changes in the growing season can be observed for the period 2001-2015, with most pronounced changes along Greenland’s west coast. He also shows that vegetation can be classified based on distinct seasonal patterns that are found for different ecosystems. Moreover, he concludes that surface temperatures along Greenland’s coasts show spatially variable changes without clear trends that are valid for the entire Greenland.

Mojtaba has performed his PhD research within CENPERM, with Birger Ulf Hansen and Bo Elberling as supervisors.

Congratulations, Mojtaba!