23 April 2018

Magnus Kramshøj has defended his PhD thesis

On Wednesday 18 April, Magnus Kramshøj has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Biogenic volatile organic compounds in a changing climate – Emissions from an Arctic heath and permafrost soil, and uptake by microbes”.

Magnus has investigated emissions of a large group of organic compounds from Arctic ecosystems, particularly investigating the response of ecosystem emissions to a warming of the climate, which he shows to be stronger in the Arctic than in other regions. His research focuses on the role of microorganisms in soils for release and uptake of these compounds. He concludes amongst others that microbial uptake in the active layer (unfrozen layer on top of permafrost) may be responsible for a substantial uptake of emissions that can arise when permafrost thaws.

Magnus has been a member of CENPERM, and has conducted his research at the Department of Biology, with Riikka Rinnan and Christian Albers (GEUS) as supervisors. 

Congratulations, Magnus!