From organisms to ecosystems (2013-2016)

Theme 3

Theme 3 focuses on interacting processes between microorganisms, plants and soils in soil profiles at contrasting landscape and vegetation types (identified in Theme 1).

Our experiments focus on:

  • element uptake by microorganisms and plants
  • losses of carbon and nitrogen by leaching and gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and volatile organic compounds

Here, we will integrate depth-specific processes and study the net effects on a plot scale. We have established two big snow fence experiments near Arctic Station on Disko Island, western Greenland, involving snow accumulation (=higher winter temperature), warming chambers (=higher summer temperature) and shrub removal (=lower summer tempetaure) in a full-factorial experimental design in the the field. Theme 3 also includes the use of existing long-term ecosystem field manipulations of soil temperature, solar radiation, snow depth and water availability at Zackenberg, northeast Greenland, and Nuuk, western Greenland. We do this in order to understand key processes controlling permafrost formation and decay.