From landscapes to selected study sites (2012-2013)

Theme 1

CENPERM describes and up-scales permafrost-microbial-plant-soil-ecological processes on a regional scale in Greenland. Hence, we carefully address spatial variation of the different biological and physical processes occurring in landscapes covered with permafrost.

In a single gram of soil more than 10.000 different species of bacteria co-exist in micro-gradients of e.g. oxygen and nutrients while landscapes vary on meter and km scales. Thus, selecting representative sites is essential to provide a robust understanding of the fluxes of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.


In Theme 1, we downscale current knowledge of predicted climate changes in Greenland and identify the most critical and informative small and large gradients. On the basis of our investigations in this theme, we have decided which vegetation and landscape types to investigate at the different CENPERM field sites - from the remote northern Greenland to the lush valleys of southern Greenland.

This will lead to a permafrost coring program providing site description and characteristics, samples for Themes 2-4, and the completion of a monitoring program at key CENPERM sites for continuous measurements of soil temperature and water content.