MSc projects

MSc Theses supervised at CENPERM

Completed 2020

Kolstad, Elisabeth Larsen: "N cucling at snowbed gradient". Supervisors: Per Ambus, and Anders Michelsen.

Pedersen, Else Lerstrup: "Effects of increased snow cover on root growth, N-uptake and aboveground plant cover in an arctic wetland". Supervisors: Anders Michelsen and Bo Elberling.    

Sukstorf, Frederik Næsby: "Examining glacial mud and the potential appliance in Greenlandic agriculture". Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Thomsen, Theis Valdemar: "Bacteria in arctic soils - the potential impact of global warming". Supervisor: Anders Priemé.

Ongoing 2019

Aeppli, Laurids: "Insect herbivory induced emission of BVOC from birch and willow in the subarctic". Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan

Christensen, Maj Paornak Sofie: "The effects of enhanced precipitation and phosphorus addition on carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in heath tundra in Greenland". Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.                 

Jacobsen, Cathrine Kallestrup: “Plant ecophysiology, carbon cycling and vegetation responses at snowbed gradient, Disko”. Supervisor: Anders Michelsen, Kari Anne Bråthen, University of Tromsø, Norway.

Lambæk, Anders: "Effects of tundrafire on soil N and C turnover". Supervisor: Per Ambus.

Matzen, Mikkel Sillesen: "The linkage between canopy surface temperature, BVOC emission and the present of ozone, nitrogen oxides and particles during a whole growing season in an subartic wetland". Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan, Andreas Westergaard-Nielsen.

May, Ditte Marie: "Biogenic volatile organic compound emissions from early snowmelt to end of growth season in subarctic Abisko and implications for effects of future climate change". Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Olsen, Maya Anne Nissen : “Greenhouse gas fluxes in a subarctic heath, impact of longterm warming, shading and fertilization”.  Supervisor:  Anders Michelsen.

Onnudottir, Thorhildur: "Climate gradients in the landscape and upscaling in relation to natural ecosystems in Greenland". Supervisor: Birger U. Hansen, co-supervisor Bo Elberling.

Ryde, Amalie: "Herbivore-induced volatile organic compounds, and changes through an elevation gradient, induced by winter moth on mountain birch in the Subarctic, Tromsø".  Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan, Elizabeth Jakobsen Neilson.

Rzepczynska, Agnieszka Marta: “Effects of climate change on moss and tree seedling interactions”. Supervisors: Anders Michelsen, Signe Lett.

Skov, Kristine: “Effect of long-term manipulations on greenhouse gas fluxes in a subarctic heath ecosystem”. Supervisor:  Anders Michelsen.                        

Stevnsvig, Anna Marie: "Description of vegetation succession in Denmark based on analysis of plant macrofossils from sediment cores covering the Late glacial and Holocene". Supervisors; Anders Michelsen, Peter Steen Henriksen, Nationalmuseet.

Thomsen, Theis Valdemar: "Bacteria in arctic soils - the potential impact of global warming". Supervisor: Anders Priemé.

Warning, Lasse: “Climate change effects in arctic tundra on plants and nutrient availability”. Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.

Windfeldt-Schmidt, Simone: "The effects of enhanced precipitation and phosphorus addition on carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in heath tundra in Greenland.": Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.

Completed 2019

Andersen, Emil Alexander Sherman:  "Vegetation analysis and soil biogeochemical characteristics in the Nuuk region, Greenland in relation to archaeological sites and climate change". Supervisor: Anders Michelsen, Bo Elberling, Rasmus Fenger-Nielsen.

Festersen, Julie Pedersen: ”Spatial and temporal variations in vegetation cover and soil carbon storage in Abisko, Sweden”. Supervisors: Anders Michelsen and Andreas Westergaard-Nielsen.

Frendrup, Laura Lønstrup: "The impact on the nitrogen cycle in an arctic tundra with a changing climate". Supervisor: Per Ambus.

Gaudard, Joseph:  "Carbon ecosystem - atmosphere exchange in arctic tundra in response to environmental changes." Supervisor: Herbert Formayer, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria and Anders Michelsen.

Gough, Isabelle Victoria Margaret: “Microbial community responses to freeze thaw cycles in Arctic soils". Supervisors: Anders Priemé and Eveline Krab (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).   

Gudbergsen, Peter Nørgaard: “Microbial community function dynamics in thawing permafrost soil”. Supervisor:  Anders Priemé.        

Hermesdorf, Lena: “Methane oxidation in arctic tundra soil – Responses to experimental warming and fire”. Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Larsen, Laura Bjørnholt: "Roots in a dry Arctic tundra - Effects of increased winter precipitation". Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Larsen, Lærke Wester: " Effect of aboveground plant". Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and Christian Albers.

Mariager, Trine: “Microbial communities on arctic shrub leaves and their effect on volatile emission”. Supervisors: Riikka Rinnan and Anders Priemé.

Ranniku, Reti: "Methane oxidation in soils from sub-Antarctic South Georgia Island". Supervisors: Bo Elberling and Ludovica D´Imperio.    

Skardhamar, Mira Nordsmark: “Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds from decomposing plant litter in the High Arctic”. Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Completed 2018

Adamsen, Malene Snedker: "Assessment of impacts on impurity-induced albedo reduction from a local settlement in Greenland.", completed Aug. 2018. Supervisors Guy Schurgers, Bo Elberling. 

Danielsen, Birgitte Kortegaard: "Spatial variability of warming on CO2 fluxes and carbon budgets in a Greenlandic subarctic ecosystem", completed May 2018. Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Jensen, Kristina Linea Bruhn: "Review and evaluation of the methane emission potential of Arctic Ocean subseafloor sediments – Temperature dependent instability of near shore subsea permafrost and methane hydrates in a warming climate", completed Aug. 2018. Supervisor: Thomas Friborg.

Landl, Balduin: “CO2 exchange of subarctic tundra heath climate change simulation plots comprising warming, willow and birch litter addition treatments”, completed  Oct. 2018. Supervisors: Anders Michelsen, Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, Wien, Austria.

Larsen, Henriette Hillerup: "Short-term effect of ecosystem nutrients following a tundra fire: An overview of pre- and post-fire C, N and P pools 1 month following a controlled tundra fire in Blæsedalen, Disko Island, West Greenland", completed Oct. 2018. Supervisor: Per Ambus.

Lund, Magnus Damsbo: “Development of an Arctic Delta, Sermilik, South-East Greenland”, completed Feb. 2018. Supervisor: Aart Kroon.

Nielsen, Malene Bille: "Quantification and upscaling of the growing seasons CO2 flux exchange along a height gradient at Disko, West Greenland", completed Dec. 2018. Supervisor: Per Ambus.

Nobel, Liv Alexa: "Short- and longterm nitrogen uptake by plants and microbes in arctic heath after 15N-urea addition", completed Aug. 2018 . Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.

Nygaard Svendsen, Anne-Sofie: “Exploration of carbon flux exchange and ecosystem functioning for a subarctic peatland complex, as a response to recent climate change Temperature dependent instability of near shore”, completed Nov. 2018. Supervisor: Thomas Friborg.

Olsen, Christian: "Legacy effect of soil winter temperature on microbial responses to freeze - thawing events", completed Feb. 2018. Supervisor: Anders Priemé.

Completed 2017

Christensen, Nor Balder Thane: “Moss-associated nitrogen fixation in tundra ecosystems exposed to climate change”, completed Sep. 2017. Supervisors: Anders Michelsen and Anders Priemé.

Høyer, Frederikke: “Plant primary production, ecophysiological responses and carbon balance in two types of tundra exposed to experimental warming”, completed Jan. 2017.  Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.

Nielsen, Lau Lyck: “Analyzing the longterm effects and adaptation, between microbes and plants, in competition for nutrient uptake in arctic soil”, completed Aug. 2017. Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Pedersen, Pia Agerlund: “The effects of freeze-thaw cycles on nitrogen fixation in moss-associated cyanobacteria”, completed Aug. 2017. Supervisors: Anders Michelsen, Anders Priemé and Kathrin Rousk.

Permin, Aya: “Moss responses to climate change in the Subarctic”, completed Nov. 2017. Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.

Simonsen, Anne Mette Tholstrup: "Environmental impacts of submarine tailings disposal from an iron-ore mine, Norway", completed Jul. 2017. Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Simonsen, Lisbeth: “Microbial succession and nitrogen fixation along the chronosequence of a receding glacier in West Greenland”, completed Aug. 2017. Supervisors: Anders Michelsen, Anders Priemé and Bo Elberling.

Completed 2016

Busch-Sørensen, Pernille: “Impacts of warming, fertilization and shading on the emissions of the volatile organic compound isopren, and CO2 fluxes from vegetation and soil in a subarctic tundra ecosystem”, completed Apr. 2016.
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Cable, William: “The role of environmental factors in local, regional, and pan-arctic variability in permafrost thermal regime”, completed Jun. 2016.
Supervisors: Vladimir Romanovsky, Hanne Christiansen, Bo Elberling and Kenji Yoshikawa.

Andersen, Julie: “Controls on methane dynamics in the Arctic: Methane consumption in a transect in a dry arctic tundra heath and net methane exchange on regional level”, completed Apr. 2016. 
Supervisors: Anders Michelsen and Bo Elberling

D'Amico, Marianna: “Methane emissions in the Arctic and their relationship with precipitation and temperature changes", completed Nov. 2016.
Supervisors: Guy Schurges, Riikka Rinnan and Wenxin Zhang.

Flyger, Marie Richter: “Volatile organic compounds in soil: differences over a soil moisture gradient and effects of climate change”, compledted, Mar. 2016.
Supervisors: Riikka Rinnan and Magnus Kramshøj.

Francke, Mette Sinding: “Plant, moss and lichen colonization and succession on the Lyngmark Ice Cap, Disko Island, Greenland”, completed Jul. 2016.
Supervisors: Erik Kristensen, Anders Michelsen and Bo Elberling.

Goth, Astrid Emilie Knak: “Effects of road and railway derived heavy metal and nitrogen pollution on nitrogen fixation in the Subarctic”, completed May 2016.
Supervisors:  Anders Michelsen and Kathrin Rousk.

Helbig, Miriam Antonia Charlotte: “Microbial activity in thawing permafrost”, completed Dec. 2016. Supervisors: Anders Priemé and Morten Schostag.

Pedersen, Emily Pickering: “Seasonal dynamics of methane flux in a subarctic heath ecosystem - effects of climate change on CH4 flux, CO2 exchange and carbon balance", compledted Aug. 2016.
Supervisors: Anders Michelsen and Bo Elberling.

Rasmussen, Laura Helene: “Thermal properties for simulating consequences of changes in thermal regime of deep permafrost layers in Greenland”, completed, Jun. 2016.
Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Riis, Michelle Cruz: “Methane uptake and a landscape integrated methane budget at Disko (West Greenland)”, completed Aug. 2016
Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Sandvad, Nikka Grunnet Toft: “The people of Qeqertarsuaq's perception on recent climate change”, completed Sep. 2016  
Supervisors: Anne Gravsholt Busck and Bo Elberling.

Steenstrup, Amanda: “Estimation of fluvial sediment transport in Zackenberg,
NE Greenland”, completed Jun. 2016
Supervisors: Aart Kroon and Mette Bendixen.

Svendsen, Sophie Sylvest: “The effect of temperature on isoprene emissions from a wet ecosystem in Greenland”, completed Jan. 2016.
Supervisors: Riikka Rinnan, Frida Lindwall and Ole John Nielsen.

Wulff, Katrine: ”Plant controlled methane production and emissions from a wetland at Disko, W. Greenland”, ompledted Dec. 2016.
Supervisors: Bo Elberling and Cecilie Skov Nielsen.

Zastruzny, Sebastian Fabian: ”Permafrost distribution and flow regime along a hill slope in Disko Island, West Greenland”, completed Aug. 2016.
Supervisors: Karsten Høgh Jensen and Bo Elberling.

Completed 2015

Banyasz, Imre: “Carbon lability in permafrost soils with different grain size and filed measurements in Disko, Greenland”, completed Jun. 2015.
Supervisors: Bo Elberling, Samuel Faucherre and Cecilie Skov.

Berg, Christa Escasaín:  “Effects of climate change and simulated herbivory on leaf and stem chemical composition in arctic and boreal vegetation”, completed Aug. 2015. Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Brusvang, Peter: “Carbon exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence in a low Arctic heath: effects of experimental warming and shading”, completed Jan. 2015.
Supervisor: Helge Ro-Poulsen.

Jensen, Lise: “The role of Cu for methane oxidation permafrost environments", completed  Jan. 2015.  
Supervisors: Kristian Koefoed Brandt and Bo Elberling.

Nissen, Ellen Lindholdt: “Modelling daily ground surface temperatures under changing snowpacks in Zackenberg and Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland”, completed Nov.  2015. Supervisor: Birger Ulf Hansen.

Rasmussen, Kerstin Elise Krøier: “Modelling daily ground surface temperatures under changing snowpacks in Zackenberg and Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland”, completed Nov. 2015. 
Supervisor: Birger Ulf Hansen

Completed 2014

Abbandonato, Holly: “Leaf senescence response to a changing climate: long-term effects of snow-depth on High Arctic plants”, completed May 2014.
Supervisors: Elisabeth J. Cooper and Bo Elberling.

Baggesen, Nanna Schrøder: “Photosynthesis and respiration of Empetrum hermaphroditum (crowberry) and gross ecosystem production in response to experimental snow manipulation and altered summer warming in dry heath at Disko, West Greenland”, completed Jul. 2014.   
Supervisors: Anders Michelsen and Daan Blok.

Christensen, Anne Thane: “Spatial, seasonal and temporal variations in Carbon lability in permafrost soils within Adventdalen, Svalbard“, completed Sep. 2014.
Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Dahl, Mathilde Borg: “Effects of increased warming and shading on soil fungi in Arctic – A community structure analysis”, completed Aug. 2014.
Supervisors: Anders Priemé and Merian Haugwitz.

Kramshøj, Magnus: “Field study of VOC emissions by vegetation and soil in a subarctic heath under manipulated conditions”, completed Sep. 2014.
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Møller, Anders Bjørn: “West Greenland kitchen-middens: future thawing, drainage and erosion followed by climate changes”, completed Sep. 2014.
Supervisors: Bo Elberling and Jørgen Hollesen.

Pedersen, Sami: “An incubation study of carbon lability in permafrost affected soils in the Lena River Delta”, completed Jul. 2014.
Supervisors: Christian J. Jørgensen and Samuel Faucherre.

Rolsted, Morten Mikkel Mejlhede: “Morphological and physiological responses of dwarf birch (Betula nana) to experimentally elevated snow depth and summer temperatures in a mesic shrub heath in West Greenland”, completed Jun. 2014.
Supervisors: Anders Michelsen and Daan Blok.

Vedel-Petersen, Ida: “BVOC emission from sub-arctic plants in response to climate change”, completed Sep. 2014. 
Supervisors: Riikka Rinnan and Michelle Schollert.

Winkler, Judith: “Long-term response of Salix polaris after six years of increased snow cover in a High Arctic ecosystem”, completed Jun. 2014. 
Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Completed 2013

Amtorp, Cecilie: “Influence of increased snow cover on nutrient availability in high Arctic tundra soils”, completed Nov. 2013. 
Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Andreasen, Toke: “Thawing permafrost - bacterial community response and greenhouse gas release under aerobic and anaerobic conditions”, completed Dec. 2013.
Supervisors: Anders Priemé and Carsten Suhr Jacobsen.

Berg, Louise K.: “Spatial variation of CH4 production and consumption- a snapshot from a young arctic landscape system, Disko, West Greenland”, completed Feb. 2013. Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Bidstrup, Jeff: “Volatile Organic Compound emissions from a sub-arctic heath: The effects of increased CO2 and enhanced UV radiation”, completed Oct. 2013.
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Bjørnsson, Anders Boding: “Assessing and mapping the current and potential farming potential in South Greenland associated with predicted climate changes: a GIS-model project”, completed Oct. 2013. 
Supervisors: Bo Elberling and Birger Ulf Hansen.

Johansen, Katrine Maria Lund: “Methane oxidation dynamics in a permafrost landscape”, completed Nov.  2013.  
Supervisor: Bo Elberling. 

Nielsen, Kirstine Bräuner: “Study of metal induced co-selection for antibiotics in pristine permafrost sediment”, completed Dec. 2013.
Supervisors: Kristian Koefoed Brandt and Bo Elberling.

Nielsen, Morten Schostag: “Variation in the microbial community in the active-layer permafrost from Svalbard”, completed Apr. 2013.
Supervisor: Carsten Suhr Jacobsen, Janet Jansson and Anders Priemé.

Romero, Alejandro José Barrera: “Gas production and genetic analysis of methane-cycling communities in permafrost”, completed Mar. 2013.
Supervisor: Bo Elberling.

Completed 2012

Larsen, Nynne: “Langtidseffekter af opvarmning, næringsstoftilførsel og skygge på kulstofbalancen og vegetation i to subarktiske heder”, completed Aug. 2012.
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.

Mosbacher, Jesper: “Consequences of herbivory for tundra plants: a case study with eriophyoid gall mites on arctic willow in high-arctic Greenland”, completed Aug. 2012. Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.

Schollert, Michelle: “Nitrogen fixation and carbon exchange in high arctic heath: effects of experimental warming and UV-B exclusion”, completed Mar. 2012. 
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

van Driel, Therese: “Plant ecophysiological responses along a soil moisture gradient and long-term responses to simulated climate changes in a tundra ecosystem”, completed Aug. 2012.   
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen.