1 February 2018

Stefanie Cable has defended her PhD thesis

PhD defence

On Friday 26 January, Stefanie Cable has defended her PhD thesis "Holocene landscape history and ground ice distribution in Svalbard and NE-Greenland - Linkages between geomorphology and cryostratigraphy in two mountainous permafrost landscapes".

In her thesis research, Stefanie has investigated the permafrost history of Adventdalen (Svalbard) and Zackenberg (Greenland) by drilling up to 10 m deep cores. She has combined the content of these cores with landscape morphology, and has reconstructed the processes that were important for creating permafrost in these places. She concludes that the permafrost in Zackenberg is largely driven by hydrological processes, whereas other processes (alluvial and aeolian) have played a more important role in Adventdalen.

Stefanie has done her PhD research as part of CENPERM, with Bo Elberling, Aart Kroon and Hanne Hvidtfeldt Christiansen (UNIS) as supervisors.

Congratulations, Stefanie!