Station Nord

Photo credit: Danish Defence Forces

The military base of Station Nord in North East Greenland is the most remote location of the Danish Army, only 933 km from the North Pole.

The base is the gateway to northernmost Greenland and plays an invaluable role for both the Danish Army and for science.

It is located in a flat but beautiful area in Kronprins Christian Land. The station is permanently staffed with five persons from the army, even during the four months of darkness. During summer the station can host up to 20 scientists.

The average temperature at Station Nord is -14°C and in February the temperature may reach -50°C. Due to an annual precipitation of less the 100 mm the surrounding landscape is a High Arctic desert.

From 2013 and onwards, the research facilities will be substantially upgraded, thanks to a a major grant to Aarhus University from the Villum Foundation.