Nuuk Ecological Research Operations

The study site of Nuuk Basic is situated in Kobbefjord in Low Arctic West Greenland, 20 km from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Nuuk Basic is an extensive cross-disciplinary ecological monitoring program, which studies the effects of climate change on terrestrial and marine ecosystems. The program was fully implemented in 2008 and will provide long time series of data on the dynamics of a Low Arctic ecosystem.

Focus is on climate change effects and feedbacks in both the marine and the terrestrial compartments of the ecosystem. The drainage basin of 32 square kilometers at the head of Kobbefjord is situated in an alpine landscape with mountains rising up to 1400 meter above sea level and glaciers covering approximately two square kilometers. The terrestrial setting is diverse and includes the most typical vegetation types of a Low Arctic ecosystem within a small area.

A field station with accommodation facilities for four persons at a time supports Nuuk Basic staff and visiting scientists.

Nuuk Basic consists of four sub-programs:

  • ClimateBasis, which studies climate and hydrology
  • GeoBasis, which studies physical landscape processes including a number of feed-backs to climate change
  • BioBasis, which studies biological processes
  • MarineBasis, which studies biotic and abiotic processes in the marine compartment of the study area.

The scientific components of the program are coordinated by the Nuuk Basic secretariat at the Department of Bioscience at Aarhus University, Denmark.