Photo credit: Ole Stig Jacobsen

Narsarsuaq (means great plain) is a settlement in southern Greenland with only 160 inhabitants. It was the principal settlement (Brattahlid) for Erik the Red and his son Leif the Happy about 900 AD. During the Second World War USA air force built an air base (Blue West One) for refueling aircrafts bound for Europe. The ruins of a former military hospital can still be found just east of the settlement. In 1958 the airbase were abandoned. Today, Narsarsuaq has an international airport.

At the location, permanent data logging equipment and a climate station collect climatic data and data on soil properties. Within the area three study sites have been selected based on differences in plant cover, exposure and height. Measurements of emission of halogenated volatile compounds are carried over a two years period. In addition, soil samples are taken from the sites for measurements in the laboratory.