Go north – far north

by Bo Elberling

During the brief summer of the extreme high Arctic a team of CENPERM researchers and technical staff performed field work at Brønlundhus at 82oN on Peary Land, the northernmost landmass on the Earth. The team included Mathias Madsen, Paul Christiansen, Jørgen Skafte, David Hopkins, Ed Gregorich and Bo Elberling.

Activities included setting up a new meteorological station to provide a water-energy balance, a nitrogen addition experiment with addition of litter at the surface or as dissolved nitrogen near the permafrost table, a slope study, a methane-oxidation study, a willow dendrochronology study as well as a general study of landscape morphology – soil and permafrost characteristics. A detailed permafrost coring programme was completed in 2014. A revisit and sampling is planned for 2016.

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