Coastal morphodynamics in permafrost-affected
areas in Greenland

by Mette Bendixen, PhD student

In my PhD I focus on coastal evolution in the southeastern part of the Disko Island and in the Young Sound region in NE Greenland. I have spent two weeks in July in the Tuapaat area, located 40 km NE of Godhavn, Disko. I have traced both newly formed and old beach ridges with Differential GPS and with Georadar. Also, I have collected samples which we will date with Carbon 14 and with OSL. The aim is to be able to reconstruct a relative sea-level curve for the southeastern part of the Disko region for the last 4000 years. Moreover, the data will enable us to obtain insight into the coastal evolution in the sedimentary coast along the section from the southern part to the eastern part of the island.

In August and September I spent five weeks at the Zackenberg research station in the Young Sound area. I have traced both the active and the inactive Zackenberg delta in order to describe the morphological evolution of this dynamic area. Furthermore, I have traced the bathymetry and sampled coastal cliff parameters such as grain size, sediment characteristics, active layer depths, and cliff height along a 2.5 km long section from west to east. These data will allow us to define the strength of the cliff and relate this to the coastal evolution of the coast since the 1930’ies. With this we are able to define the stability of the coast in this permafrost-affected area.

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