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PhD projects

Ongoing PhD projects at CENPERM

Cable, Stefanie:
“The physical dynamics of permafrost in Svalbard and in Zackenberg NE-Greenland”. Supervisors: Hanne H. Christiansen and Bo Elberling.

Faucherre, Samuel:
“Subsurface carbon and nitrogen pools and potential mobilization in permafrozen soil environments”. 
Supervisors: Bo Elberling and Christian Juncher Jørgensen. 

Fenger-Nielsen, Rasmus:
"Predicting and mapping environmental threats to archaeological sites in Greenland  under current and future climate conditions".
Supervisors: Bo Elberling, Jørgen Hollesen and Aart Kroon.

Karami, Mojtaba:
“Upscaling and modelling ecosystems in permafrozen soil environments”.
Supervisors: Birger Ulf Hansen and Bo Elberling.

Kramshøj, Magnus:
“Uptake of volatile organic compounds by arctic soil”.
Supervisors: Riikka Rinnan and Christian Nyrop Albers.

Defended PhD theses

Bendixen, Mette:
“Delta dynamics. Evolution of sedimentary coasts in Greenland in a changing climate”.
Supervisors: Aart Kroon and Bo Elberling. Defended: May 2017.

Ravn, Nynne R.:
“Carbon dioxide exchange in the Arctic - The effect of a changing climate on soil carbon turnover in tundra heaths". 
Supervisors: Anders Michelsen and Bo Elberling. Defended: Aug- 2017.

Schostag, Morten Dencker:
Living in the cold - Microbial community and function dynamics in Arctic soils at changing temperatures”.
Supervisors: Anders Priemé and Carsten Suhr Jacobsen. Defended: Aug. 2017.

Svendsen, Sarah Hagel:
“Arctic emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds – from plants, litter and soil".
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan. Defended: Dec. 2017.

D’Imperio, Ludovica:
"Methane and Root Dynamics in Arctic Soil: Responses to Experimental Summer Warming and Winter Snow Accumulation".  Defended: June 2016. 
Supervisors: Bo Elberling and Inger Kappel Schmidt.

Lindwall, Frida:
"Emission of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds in the Arctic: The Effect of Climate Change",  Defended May 2016.
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Jammet, Mathilde M.:
“Comparative studies of methane dynamics in permafrost environments”. Defended: December 2016
Supervisor: Thomas Friborg.

Markussen, Thor Nygaard:
“Flocs in focus: How imagery and dynamics of suspended particles unravel land-sea links”. Defended May 2016.
Supervisors: Thorbjørn Joest Andersen and Bo Elberling.

Nielsen, Cecilie Skov:
"Methan Dynamics in an Arctic Wetland: Effects of Vegetation and Climate Manipulations". Defended May 2016
Supervisors: Bo Elberling and Anders Michelsen.

Schollert, Michelle:
"Arctic Vegetation under Climate Change – Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound Emissions and Leaf Anatomy". Defended Jun. 2015.
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Valolahti, Hanna:
"Impacts of Climate Change Induced Vegetation Responses on BVOC Emissions from Subarctic Heath Ecosystems”. Defended Nov. 2015.
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan.

Westergaard-Nielsen, Andreas:
"Improvements in Spatiotemporal Ecosystem Monitoring in Greenland: Processes, Methods, and Scales". Defended Mar. 2015.
Supervisor: Birger U. Hansen.

Mikkelsen, Andreas Bech:
Freshwater discharge and sediment transport to Kangerlussuaq Fjord, West Greenland – processes, modelling and implications”.
Defended Mar. 2014.
Supervisors: Morten Pejrup and Bent Hasholt.

Semenchuk, Philipp R.:
“The influence of snow cover and cold-season temperatures on growing-season processes”. Defended Oct. 2013.
Supervisors: Elisabeth Cooper and Bo Elberling.